Member Unions

  There are 21 member unions, including the electrical power (Taiwan Power Labor Union), petroleum (Taiwan Petroleum Workers’ Union),foodstuff industry(Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation Federation Union, Taiwan Sugar Federation of Trade Unions),and banking industries. The Ta-ton Corporation Union and 8 local trade union federations are also members of TCTU. Many local unions across the country are actively working towards the formation of county federations, and plan to affiliate with TCTU. Though these unions are not represented by TCTU, we support their work to form countywide federations.

  TCTU is governed by a representatives meeting at which all members are represented by elected delegations from our member unions. Meeting delegates set board policies and goals for TCTU. Every three years, the delegates elect the board of directors , managing directors, supervisors , the managing supervisors and the president of TCTU. The board of directors and supervisors meet every two months.
  In 2003 the member union representatives elected President Shih Chao-Hsieh, who is also the president of Taiwan Power Labor Union, and Vice President Liao Wen-Jui, the president of Confederation of Taipei Trade Unions. The Secretariat guides the daily work of TCTU and consists of 6 departments, which are “Policy”, “Publicity”, “Organizing and Training”, “Social Movement”, “International Affairs”, and “Administration”.
  Additionally, to better understand and confront the transformations in the economy and unjust labor policies in Taiwan, the TCTU board of directors has also established several task-oriented committees, including “Committee of Response to Privatization”, “Committee of Organization and Development”, “Committee of Labor and Social Policies”, and “Committee of State Assets Management”.
  TCTU also has representatives in several important committees hosted by the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) to effectively voice for workers. The committees TCTU has been involved are issues of employment, labor insurance fund, labor standard law, labor education, immigrant workers, basic wages and etc.